Decorative Thermoplastic surface at high friction CoulourTP is a non-fucnctional material to coat at high resistence. Made of thermoplastic material, ColourTP is a colored vibrating surface designed for safe trip for all road users.

Rapidly and easly installed on existing road surface it is pigmented in brave, vibrant coulours resistent to faiding. Decorative High friction thermoplastic Coulour TP gives a visible warning with higher resistence to sliding.

Colour TP offers more security due to a higher superficial friction which provides coloured visual help ideal for projects such as BUS LANE e BUS STOP, VIVEAWAYS e TRAFFIC CALMING SCHEMES. The non-slip ColourTP surface improves road safety by decreasing braking time due to increasing surface friction.

Bright colours material can act as a visual support to enforce sign messages and conventional road directions. ColourTP is the perfect solution for using urban and rural networks offering a resistant surface. Maintenance free and resistent can be rapidly an easily posed on a resistant road surface. Why ColourTP?

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